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Apple Pay, NFC, EMV, Big-Store Security Breaches … And Lions And Tigers And Bears, Ohh-My!


Apple Pay - EMV - NFC - Credit Card Secuirty

With all the new technology on the way and the scary bad guys trying to get your customers card info, the onslaught of news probably has your head spinning in circles!

Truth is, there is an explosion of change occurring in the electronic payment processing industry that you cannot ignore.

Admittedly, it’s a little more than you bargained for when you started your business.

But the reality is nothing stays the same and as a business owner your ability to re-invent, change and adapt with the world is key to success.

So what the heck does all this mean?

iPhone 6 and Apple Pay

Let’s start with the biggest news this week, the new iPhone 6 and it’s Apple Pay APP.

They are projecting over 60 million people will have the iPhone 6 by the end of 2015.

This means if you are to accommodate these customers you must be NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled. If you’re not, you risk them going to the competitor that does.

Which also means you will need new or added equipment to allow this means of paying.

First Data engaged with Apple early and performed all the testing and developed the equipment necessary to perform the operation that Apple Pay requires.

From inception First Data and Apple knew card security would be a huge concern for the consumer and the merchant. So together they developed a multi-layered security system that eliminates the possibility of card numbers in the wrong hands.

The iPhone user loads their card info into the Apple Pay APP on their iPhone. As it is loaded the card information is “tokenized”, converted into a series of blips and bleeps that make no sense to anyone interested in stealing that number.

The iPhone itself NEVER stores any of the card information in any format. When the consumer uses Apple Pay at a business using First Data to process cards, First Data again tokenizes the card information during transmission along with a Triple Des Encryption code. Creating multiple layers of security giving you and your customer peace of mind.


The other hot topic these days is EMV (Euro MasterCard and Visa) mandated to be implemented globally by October 2015.

By that time two things will take place.

The first thing is, all debit and credit cards will be loaded with a micro-chip to hold the card info rather than the current magnetic stripe on the back of the card.

The second thing that will happen is there will be shift in liability.

Today the Financial Institutions that issue the cards bear the brunt of the liability for fraud.

In October 2015 that liability shifts to the card processor, who in turn will then REQUIRE you, the merchant, to have the capability to read the chip enabled cards thus reducing the risk of fraud and the liability associated.

The merchant is responsible for upgrading or replacing current equipment to accommodate the new chip enabled cards by October 2015.

Customers Rule

I know you’re shaking your head right now and screaming “WHEN WILL IT END”?

The answer is – probably never.  There is always something newer, bigger and better coming down the pike.

The reality is the consumer, YOUR CUSTOMER, is driving all this. They want faster, easier and more convenience when they visit your business.

They expect it and demand it – remember “change and adapt to the world”?

Help Is Here

The good news is — you have a dedicated local First Data Agent right here in the north woods.  Here to help you solve all these problems in person!

Rick Montgomery owner of Northern Air Merchant Services will guide you, educate you and take care of all the time consuming work of getting this new technology in place for your business.

Rick knows you have a business to run — so let him worry about all this payment technology stuff.

In the end you will have less stress, less labor and more love and time to spend with your family.

Currently First Data is the only processing company that can provide you with the piece of equipment that will do both, read the chip-enabled cards (EMV) as well as Apple Pay (NFC) — all in one device with multi-layered security. This is the only solution that takes care of all the issues discussed here.

For more information call Rick Montgomery at Northern Air Merchant Services today 715-889-2409.


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