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Crandon, Wisconsin Credit Card Processing

About Crandon, Wisconsin

Crandon, Wisconsin is located in Forest County, in the northeastern part of the state, about 100 miles north of Green Bay.

Crandon is the county seat of Forest County, with a population of about 1,920 (according to the 2010 census).  Major area industries include logging, tourism, and light industry.  Downtown has restaurants, retail, and service businesses typical to a small city of 2,000.

With its location in the Wisconsin North Woods, the town also has many seasonal hotels, lodges, and inns.  There are two casinos – the Mole Lake Casino and Potawatomi Bingo, and the Northern Lights Casino.

Crandon is well known for its outdoor recreation opportunities including fishing, hunting, and snowmobiling.  Crandon is also home to the Crandon International Off-Road Raceway, which hosts the world championship off-road races each year.  The annual Kentuck Days Festival celebrates the area’s Kentucky heritage.

Crandon, Wisconsin Downtown - Credit Card Processing

Crandon Wisconsin – Downtown

Crandon International Raceway - Credit Card Processing

Crandon International Raceway

Merchant Accounts in Crandon

Northern Air Merchant Services offers merchant accounts by Ignite PaymentsTM and First Data® to merchants in the Crandon, Wisconsin area. Whether your company is large or small, Northern Air Merchant Services has a payment card processing solution to meet your needs.

Crandon Merchant Services

First Data and Ignite Payments provide merchant services for Crandon area merchants and business owners. We measure success by helping you to find the easiest, most cost effective solution to your merchant processing needs. We’ll work with you to determine the best solution based on your business requirements.

Clover Station POS for Crandon Retailers

We are pleased to offer this cutting-edge point of sale terminal for the modern brick-and-mortar Crandon retailer, restaurant, salon, span or other storefront business.  The sleek lightweight design and small footprint gives your operation an upscale, modern look in a small footprint package that fits comfortably on almost any counter.

Clover Station has a high-resolution touchscreen, intuitive interface, and a pivot arm that makes it easy to use with customers.

Read more about the Clover Station here ->

Point Of Sale Solutions

In addition to the full-featured Clover Station, we also provide a wide selection of card swipe, proximity, and EMV credit card payment terminals.  Hardwired, wireless, or mobile to suit your needs in Crandon.

TransArmor Solution

The TransArmor® Solution comes with every Crandon merchant account, and provides a multi-layered protection to guard against the security threats associated with accepting debit and credit cards in Crandon. Minimize your liability in the event of a data breach with a liability waiver of up to $100,000 for card association fees and expenses.  With TransArmor PCI compliance is a snap, and you can get immediate support from a dedicated specialist for any security concerns or questions.

Payeezy Gateway/API

For Crandon merchants doing business online, the  Payeezy Gateway eCommerce solution can help you easily accept payments online – through a Virtual Terminal, Web Service API, or Connect.

Clover Check® Electronic Check Acceptance®

Many customers and consumers in the Crandon area still prefer to pay with a check.  Many merchants in recent years have stopped taking checks because of the risks of insufficient funds and fraud.  The Clover Check solution enables merchants and retailers to accept checks.  When customers present their check as payment, the retailer is able to immediately scan it through a special secure system that captures the banking information and the amount of the check, turning it into an electronic debit similar to that of a transaction by debit card.

The Clover Check system checks to verify that the account is valid.  If after receiving approval there is a problem collecting on the check, the risk is shouldered by Clover Check and not the merchant, who still receives payment into his account for the amount of the check (less fees).

Clover Gift Cards

Gift cards are increasingly popular with Crandon area customers and consumers, and provide a way for merchants to generate additional revenue while driving traffic to their store and increasing customer loyalty.  Once only available to large retailers, our new programs enable even the smallest retailer to offer a customized gift card to their customers.

Clover Rewards™ Solution

Clover Rewards enables Crandon merchants to reward their regular customers, create incentives to bring back new ones, and to increase traffic during slow periods.  Merchants can instantly send special offers directly to their customers mobile phones via the Clover Rewards app.  Clover Rewards also helps Crandon merchants identify their best customers so they can greet them by name, recommend additional products they might enjoy, and deliver a personal shopping experience that will have customers coming back for more.

Clover Capital

Every merchant and retailer in Crandon knows that sometimes the money coming in just doesn’t add up to the money needing to go out, which can stifle your ability to grow and expand.

The Ignite Payments Clover Capital program can now provide working capital to affiliated merchants by using a portion of their future credit card receipts to make payments against the advance.

Clover Insights Solution

The Clover InsightsSM Solution helps Crandon business owners and retailers uncover important marketing information about their customers, transforming payment data into useful insights about their customers, sales, and how they compare to similar businesses.  By tracking customer spending patterns, you are able to find more quality customers through targeted marketing.  Develop your own customer profiles, segmented into categories like new, repeat, or local – enabling you to make your marketing campaigns more effective and targeted.


For more information about how you can increase your efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and save money in Crandon, Wisconsin with merchant payment processing solutions from Ignite PaymentsTM, contact Rick Montgomery at 715-889-2409.


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