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Retail Merchant Card Payment SolutionsRetail & Storefront Credit Card Processing

Your retail or storefront business needs a fast, reliable POS, card processing, and low processing fees.

If you operate a retail store, customers expect you to accept credit and debit cards.

We can not only provide your retail business with payment processing solutions for all major credit cards, but we’ll also sit down with you and make sure that you’re aware of and taking advantage of every possible discount.

Retail Industry Changes

The retail industry has changed tremendously in the past few years.  We have the payment processing solutions that address your unique needs to help your business be profitable and stay ahead of the game.

We have payment systems that are budget-friendly and flexible enough to meet the demands of your unique business.

Internet & Telephone Sales

Have you thought about selling your products over the Internet? Do you need to process over-the-phone payments?  We have solutions for that.

Grow your business with our cost-saving credit card processing rates, customer loyalty programs, and the latest in point-of-sale technology.

  • Swipe cards from anywhere
  • Drive business with Clover Gift Card and Customer Loyalty Card programs
  • Easily end and redeem electronic coupons and promos
  • Ease your cash flow worries with Clover Capital

Replace Your Current Provider

If you’re looking to re-program, we can evaluate your current processing statement and let you know exactly how much money we can save you compared to  your current provider.

Our rate and fee structure is the most competitive in the industry, and customer service is our top priority.

Get started today, and start accepting credit card payments!


For more information about how you can increase your business’s efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and save money with merchant payment processing solutions from Ignite PaymentsTM, contact Rick Montgomery at 715-889-2409.

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