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Basic Debit-Credit Card Secure Merchant Processing

Credit Card Security


Everyone is aware of the increasing need to protect credit card data …

… and Northern Air Merchant Services goes the extra mile for you!

What Are Merchant Accounts?

Give Customers More Payment OptionsA Merchant Account is a type of account needed in order to accept debit or credit cards as payment for your products or services.

It’s an account that works with the major credit and debit card issuers and your bank to electronically transfer money from your customer’s credit or debit card to your checking account.  Ignite PaymentsTM merchant accounts are compatible with virtually all terminal manufacturers.

We help you safeguard your merchant and customer data using a global strategy for security, compliance, and risk management using integrated solutions like End-To-End Data Encryption, that work to manage risk and security.

Our detailed and comprehensive approach enables you to easily maintain compliance, reduce privacy and data security risk, and confidently process both online and in-store credit card transactions.

  • Manage payment vulnerabilities with layers of advanced fraud prevention and data security tools
  • Reduce costs, reduce time, and minimize the resources needed to meet PCI compliance
  • End-To-End Data Encryption and tokenization reduces risk and safeguards data
  • Your customers can pay the way they want with multiple payment options both in-store and online.

Get started today – and start accepting credit card payments!
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Call Rick Montgomery at 715-889-2409

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