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Clover InsightsSM Solution


Insightics - surprising insights made simplesSurprising insights made simple.

Now, you can uncover a whole new side to your business with the Clover InsightsSM Solution. Clover InsightsSM transforms your payments data into valuable insights about your customers, sales and similar businesses — helping you  better understand and grow your business.

Drum up new business.

Clover InsightsSM enables you to  track your customer’s spending patterns, so you can find more quality customers.

Maximize your marketing.

You can find customer profiles, segment by categories like new, repeat or local – helping you make your marketing more effective.

Get real results.

You can understand the impact of your marketing efforts and receive insights that will improve future marketing efforts.

Check out similar businesses.

You can see how you measure up, comparing sales and seeing how consumers are spending at other businesses similar to your own.


For more information about how you can implement the Clover InsightsSM Solution for your business, contact Rick Montgomery at 715-889-2409.

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Meet Clover InsightsSM

Using Clover InsightsSM

How Clover InsightsSM Works

Case #1 – How Is My Business Doing?

Case #2 – How Do I Compare With Other Businesses?

Case #3 – Understanding My Customers

Case #4 – Triggers & Seasonality

Case #5 – Where Should I Spend Money?



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