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Learn More About The TransArmor® Solution

Big Time Security for your business: Clover Security Plus®

With Clover Security Plus®, (formerly TransArmor) you can go about your business with confidence, knowing that every transaction, from swipe to finish, is protected by technology from First Data, a leader in payment processing.Clover Security Plus from Northern Air Merchant Services

Clover Security® protects consumer payment card data by replacing the Primary Account Number (PAN) with a ‘token’.  Simply put: It turns the number on the card into a series of blips, bleeps, and symbols that make no sense to hackers. It tokenizes going out for approval and then is differently re-tokenized coming back to the merchant.

This multi-level defense moves the burden of protecting payment card data from the merchant to IgniteTM Payments.

Protect Your Success

Clover Security Plus® is a state-of-the-art security package that helps protect your business from the hackers and malicious software that threaten your business.

And now, with added functionality it’s even more powerful. Clover Security Plus® makes it easier than ever to keep your business safe, so you can focus on running your business.

You Can’t Ignore The Evidence

We’ve all read the headlines. Now it’s time to take action to help secure your business.

  • For a hacker, a small business is a big target.  In fact, 90% of all data breaches impact small merchants (TrustWave Global Security Report 2012).
  • The cost of one data breach could exceed $50,000, and if you don’t take the proper measures, you could be liable for the cost (The Real Cost of Data Breach – Robert Halsey – April 2009)
  • You may think you’re already covered, but many businesses only find out that they aren’t PCI compliant after suffering a data breach.

End-To-End Protection For Greater Confidence

Clover Security Plus® helps defend your system from hackers, protects your customers’ sensitive information, and reduces your liability in the event of a breach.

This dynamic protection safeguards your business and reputation, making sure your hard work pays off.

More information:

Data Protection

The latest technology that helps protect cardholder information from the moment a card is swiped in a merchant’s payment system (requires eligible point-of-sale equipment).

POS Hardware Monitor

A solution that helps monitor terminals and provides alerts to possible tampering.

PCI Rapid ComplyTM

A simple online questionnaire that helps make payments compliance faster and easier.

Security Score

An at-a-glance benchmark for data security and risk reduction.

POS Software Monitor

A software bundle that monitors and helps protect your point-of-sale system.

Support Experts

An additional level of client service expertise to help resolve any questions you may have about the solution.

Liability Waiver

A waiver for up to $100,000 for card association costs in the event of a data breach.

EMV™ Enablement

Hardware that provides EMV chip card payment acceptance to prevent fraudulent card use as part of your overall security protection (requires eligible point-of-sale equipment).

Take Control With Clover Security Plus®

No matter what your payment setup, make sure you’re protected with Clover Security Plus®.