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Survey SAYS.!.!.!.Time for Family! The #1 answer on the board to this question?

No its not Family Feud, but I ran across a very interesting survey from our friends over at Manta the other day, and I just felt compelled to share this information with everyone.

The survey called, The Small Business Wellness Index, took polls from 1,158 small business owners across America and asked them “Give us your top Personal and your top Business New Years Resolutions”. As well as a few other interesting questions. I’ll get to the resolutions in a minute, but first here is some of the other info uncovered that may interest every business owner.

1. Was 2014 a successful year to be in business?

  • 76% said it was successful
  • 24% said it was not successful
  • 35% hired new employees in 2014
  • 60% plan on hiring new employees in 2015
  • 87% are overall optimistic about the prospects and their future in 2015

For the most part I think these numbers are very encouraging. In a second part to the question, 94% of the 87% optimistic about 2015 were also happy they were in business. How would you answer this question? was it successful? New employees? Are you optimistic about 2015? Are you happy? I would be interested to know how the businesses here in the north woods would answer these.

2. What is your biggest concern? What keeps you up at night?

  • 35% said Money and Finances
  • 11% said Worried about their Competition
  • 10% said Relationships and Family
  • 6% said Problem Employees
  • Another 38% were scattered and various smaller concerns

I think these are all common themes in just about any business in the world, wouldn’t you agree. Where do your concerns fall in these categories? As a Merchant Services Provider, I can help with any of these things. Use me as a resource, that’s my job.

3.  What are the most difficult traits to find when hiring?

  • 48% said finding someone with a strong work ethic
  • 25% said finding someone with experience
  • 10% said finding someone with loyalty
  • 9% said finding someone with a good attitude
  • 8% other issues

It just seems like the younger generation just doesn’t have any of these things. I’m not that old, but my parents taught me all these things. By example and a stern hand with a shaking index finger at me while saying “Rick, you know what the right thing to do is!” Again how would you answer this question? Is it hard to find someone who has a good work ethic, has experience a good attitude and loyal?

Now for the last question; What is your Personal and Business New Years Resolutions? The personal side came out like this:

  1. 28% -Spend more Time with Family
  2. 27% – Improve my Health
  3. 24% – Sleep and Spirituality
  4. 21% – Time for ME

The Business Resolutions came in like this:

  1. 50% Attract and Gain new Customers
  2. 32% Increase Revenue
  3. 9% Launch and Grow Social Media Marketing
  4. 9% Adopt new computing or payment technology and website SEO

I don’t know about you but I see some common themes here. The most blaring one is business owners do not have enough TIME for family, for friends, for themselves. For the personal resolution every answer is related to TIME. TIME is obviously an issue when you’re a business owner.

My response is, it doesn’t have to be that way! There are extremely effective business tools available to alleviate your personal time constraints. It involves embracing the technology that is now readily available and inexpensive. For example our Inventory Management Program. Automate and control your inventory. Ordering stock can be done in minutes not hours! Another is our Commerce Sync Program for QuickBooks. This program automatically updates all your financial information into QuickBooks daily. So at month end print it off (from anywhere) and hand it to your banker, quarterly print it off and hand it to your accountant for quarterly sales tax filing, annually for IRS and state tax filing. Just these 2 programs are guaranteed to shave 10-15 hours per week from work hours, that you can give to personal TIME. And the best thing is, they are free when your a Northern Air Merchant Services client

On the business side of the resolutions 82% of the answers deal with attracting and keeping customers and increasing revenue, the 2 go hand in hand. Our programs such as Insightics, Perka, Gift Cards, GYFT, as well as the BeSocial APP all help you target market using your customer data. They create loyalty and promote recurring visits and help you stay in touch with your clients and potential new clients in your region. All available as your local Merchant Services Provider, Northern Air Merchant Services.

With us Merchant Services is more than just card processing, its just that, a suite of services designed to help you spend more personal time with those you love and increase revenue so you stay successful and profitable for years to come.

So embrace the technology right in front of you, its easier than you think!

Do you need more time for family and more revenue? Click here for more details.

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