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Why should you change your credit card processing?

Many businesses work with their merchant services providers to maintain a good working relationship. However, there are instances when changing a merchant provider may be necessary. Here are the top reasons why you should terminate your current contract with your merchant provider and move on to a new provider:

Misrepresented/ High Rates and Fees

The advantage of a merchant contract is that you know the term of your service and you have a schedule of fees to reference. Some credit card processing companies charge low rates but high fees on the back fence. These high rates/ fees can affect your annual profits leaving you with no option but to switch to a new credit card processor. If you are promised a low rate, more than likely, you are paying high monthly/ annual extra fees to compensate. It’s not all about the rate! Remember that the next time you get a phone call trying to get you to switch.

Customer Service

Good customer service is very important. Your merchant provider should provide 24/7/365 technical customer support for emergencies like a down network or to help you troubleshoot faulty equipment. Problem resolution teams and ticketing systems are an indication of a merchant provider that has experience and strong internal systems/ processes. The best customer service is to work with a local agent who can provide prompt face tot face services as well as direct you to the most efficient and fastest direct line to resolve issues or answer your questions.


Today, credit card processors offer payment-processing software solutions that help your business grow and be more efficient. The old solid state desk top terminals are a thing of the past. Today’s terminals are cloud based and driven by apps. If your current processor isn’t up to date, find one like Northern Air Merchant Services processors; as the right software and tools make for an easier work day.

 Security and Equipment

New PCI-DSS and EMV regulations are in place to prevent unwanted attacks on your place of business. The last thing you want is for an attack to steal your customer credit card information and have the media get a hold of it. And unfortunately, some processing companies and software vendors have chosen NOT to upgrade their equipment to comply. Don’t get caught in this trap.

Also, companies like PayPal and Square who are NOT merchant services providers. They are payment aggregators and do not comply with banking regulations or PCI and EMV rules. Again, bad publicity from a card compromise will damage your reputation and possibly put you out of business. Bottom line is knowing who and what your dealing with. Merchant services providers like Northern Air Merchant Services will keep you protected and out of trouble.

In summary, the best thing you can do for yourself is to work with Rick Montgomery of Northern Air Merchant Services. He will educate you on the rate/ fee pricing system, provide excellent customer service, give you the tools that will help you be more profitable and efficient. Northern Air Merchant Services is backed by the largest and the oldest processing company in the world, First Data, and in compliance with all security measures to protect you. All this will be done face to face and personal at your business.


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